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Mini Cooper Ride On Car for Kids – Best 12V & 6V Battery Operated Mini Cooper For Kids

Children’s Electric Cars Mini Cooper

Are you thinking of the best gift to make your child happy, like children electric cars mini cooper? You need to consider your kid’s interest and psyche in choosing the best toy because they need something real! Such gadgets are known to excite kids and sure will make your kid happy.

Children’s Electric Cars Mini Cooper

You can read a few things about mini cooper’s history for your information mini cooper cars and here.

To help you choose the best Child’s mini cooper battery car, I have carefully selected best BATTERY-operated vehicles mini cooper for kids.

Go through the following top kid’s mini cooper battery car for the awesome birthday present for your child.

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1. Kid Trax Mini Cooper 6V Electric Cars

The Kid Trax Mini Cooper 6V BATTERY-operatedCar is a cool car any child would love to drive.

It comes with functioning LED headlamp and clear premium windscreen.

The black-stripes, red color mini cooper, has Trax rubber traction strip tires and delivers up to 2.5mph in speed.


Kid Trax Mini Cooper 6V BATTERY-operated Car is a two-speed mini cooper capable of forwarding and reverse movement. Also, Kid Trax sounds real, and the horn is similar to regular cars.

It measures 21″ H x 23″ W x 41″ D and weighs 34 pounds. Kid Trax Mini Cooper car is recommended for 2 years and above.


• Working LED headlights
• Authentic Mini Cooper Racing stripes and emblems
• 2 speeds, 2.5 mph maximum forward and reverse
• Kid-Trax, Power Trax rubber traction strip tires
• 6V rechargeable battery and wall charger included


• Reasonable price and super cute look
• Make real engine sounds
• Rubber strips on tires for traction
• Great for teaching toddlers how to drive car
• Construction is adequate, and battery runtime is surprisingly long


•    Small motor and slippery wheels limit what it can ride on


This Kid Trax Mini Cooper 6V BATTERY-operated Car makes the perfect 2nd-year birthday gift for your boy or girl to start the journey going forward in micromobility.

For the recommended age, the car is not too big or small; it’s just perfect!

That’s all about this car! If you need more info check it out on Amazon and buy under favorable warranty.

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2. Costzon Ride On Car, Licensed BMW Mini Cooper Electric Car

This mini cooper is a darling gift of most parents to their lovely little ones. It’s a licensed BMW model of mini cooper with every sense of a real car.

The design is superb and quite attractive that will get your child jumping for joy upon seeing it.

This car reminds me of my first SUV convertible; the design is just the same. The Comfortable Seat and great MP3 Aux fitting will supply enjoyable music for your kid when playing.

The manufacturer didn’t sacrifice safety with aesthetics, and that is the beauty of this ride on car. I am blown away by the auto power-off protection system installed for the safety of the rider.

The safety system gives control of the mini cooper both to the rider and you, the parent as co-rider. There couldn’t be a better gift for your child than Costzon Ride On Car, Licensed BMW Mini Cooper Electric Car.


This mini cooper ride on car has two great things going for it. First, it has a parental remote control system, a mode that allows the parent to control the vehicle. I see this feature as a great thing because it will enable bonding between parent and child.

You can have fun with your kid while playing in the car.

The second great thing is that the car is battery operated.

The battery-operated mode allows your child to run the car by himself.

These two features are reasons many parents chose the Costzon Ride On Car, Licensed BMW Mini Cooper Electric Car.

On a fully charged battery, this mini cooper will deliver 40 minutes of unstoppable playtime.

That’s a whole lot of time to be free your baby’s disturbance because he would be busy too. The car is cool and features LED headlights, horn, and movable wing mirrors.

It is designed to run on a flat surface, so don’t use it on rough or grassy surfaces. This product is best for kids between the ages of 3 and 6 years.


  • Two Modes drive systems: Parental Remote Control Mode and Battery Operate Mode
  • The car’s fully charged battery can deliver continuous 40 minutes play
  • Comfortable seat, and safety belt to increase children’s safety awareness
  • Equipped with LED headlights, movable wing mirrors, MP3 input, and horn!
  • Product Size measures 43″X24″X20″ (L x W x H) recommended for children between 3-6 years old.
  • Speed is 2.5-5 Km/h, Weight Capacity: 66 lbs.
  • Product not sold in California.


  • Comfortable Seat With Safety Belt
  • With 2.4GHz Parental Remote Control
  • One-Button Start/Stop, Adjustable Speed
  • 2 Modes: R/C and B/O Modes
  • LED Headlights, MP3 Input
  • Battery Operated, Continuous Fun for 40 minutes
  • Foot Pedal For Acceleration With Horn
  • Functional Steering Wheel With Music Button


  • The steering from the remote is pretty difficult
  • The rod that attaches to the front steering mechanism has a lot of vertical play. How I wish the taillights had lights that would glow like the headlights.


It’s a beautiful and versatile car, no doubt; your kid will like it. I recommend that you buy this mini cooper on Amazon, where you can benefit from ongoing buyer protection and warranty.

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3. Rollplay 6V Mini Cooper Ride On Toy

Rollplay Mini Cooper 6 volt battery-powered Ride-On offers an excellent choice for fun-loving kids.

Its smooth design and sturdy motor ensure a stable ride just for children.

Kids are sure to enjoy this model with the spacious seating area and convenient steering that is easy to operate and handle for small drivers.


Both the interior and exterior components resemble the original vehicle, with a clear windshield, comprehensive dashboard and foldable mirrors.

Since Rollplay Mini Cooper 6 volt battery-powered Ride-On is made of hard-wearing plastic, the body is sure never to rust, and the vehicle comes with a 1-year guarantee, while the battery, a 6-month trustable warranty.

The model requires a little assembly. The battery must be fully charged for 24 hours before use. Note, however, that the battery mustn’t be charged for more than 30 hours.


  • Quality car for kids
  • Forward and reverse select speeds of 2.5 mph (a safe limit)
  • Cup holders, rubber traction strips, detailed dashboard, clear windshield, and chrome rims improve car’s performance and appearance
  • Illuminating dashboard plus horn/engine sounds for a realistic feel (requires 2 AA batteries, not incorporated)
  • 6-volt rechargeable battery with up to 2-hour run time
  • Overall Dimensions: 41.3” x 20.3” x 23.2”( L x W x H)
  • Weight Capacity: 77 lbs


• Consistent movement plus ideal speed levels for child safety
• Great fun and control with child
• The runtime of up to 2 hours, based on the weight of passenger and road type
• Includes impressive options and design compared to other models at a similar price range
• Affordable and of high-quality


• Recharging the battery requires detaching it from the car
• Absence of parental remote control


This Rollplay Mini Cooper 6 volt battery-powered Ride-On can support up to 77 pounds and is ideal for kids above three years old.

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4. Huffy Mini Cooper for Kids Avigo Ride On Car

The Huffy Avigo ride-on push vehicle’s Mini Cooper design is created to look like that of a regular mini cooper.

It comes with a functional steering wheel, engine sounds, a push-button horn, and a 3-point seatbelt. Its features and distinctive functions make rides impressive and fun for your toddlers of ages 2 to 4.


With it is a detachable, modifiable handlebar that allows parents to push kids. There also is an adjustable foot panel that will enable kids to move with their feet.

This Huffy Avigo ride-on push vehicle’s Mini Cooper has a weight capacity of 43 pounds, and the doors are functional and easy to use. The package requires minimal assembly by adults.


• Weight capacity of 43 lbs
• Three-point seatbelt for safety while riding around
• Impressive design that resembles a MINI Cooper’s car
• Adjustable handlebar
• Car horn and engine sounds for a realistic driving experience for the little one


• Easy assembly
• Guaranteed safety with a three-point seatbelt
• Trouble-free operation


•    Problems with assembly and charging


Huffy Avigo ride-on push vehicle’s Mini Cooper came with all the pieces and was relatively easy to put together. The Avigo ride-on mini cooper is the right car to consider when price and functionality are important considerations.

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5. Costzon Ride On Car, 6V Battery Powered Vehicle, Manual / 2.4G Parental Remote Control Modes Car

Every parent likes to spoil their child with amazing gifts. This ride is one of the best present you can give.

If you are in search of a mini cooper that is classy, comfortable, and affordable, this is your best shot.

It seems realistic with seatbelts, LED lights, headlights, mirrors, radio, mp3, etc.

That’s not all; it also comes with a storage device where you can add your child’s favorite song.

If you are in search of a mini cooper that is classy, comfortable, and affordable, this is your best shot. It seems realistic with seatbelts, LED lights, headlights, mirrors, radio, mp3, etc.

Do you want to go a little extra? This car makes you extra with a fully functioning door, so your child doesn’t have to climb to get in. It is easy to drive, and it has a 6v motor, which allows driving up to an hour.


It is the perfect ride on car for your children. It comes with two modes to control the vehicle. It also comes with a comfortable seat with a safety belt, so there is ample space for your child to sit.

That’s not all; it comes with a radio, mp3 input, and Bluetooth. Also, it has storage card to make your child’s ride more enjoyable. This mini cooper adds realistic features like wheel lights and headlights to make your child experience more lifelike.


  • Multimedia functions like storage card, flash drive, radio, MP3 input, and Bluetooth.
  • Speed Range: 2.4-3.1 Km/H, Load Capacity: 44lbs, and External Dimension: 42″ long, 23″ wide, and 20.5″ high.
  • It features two modes; the Battery Operate Mode and the Parental Remote Control Mode.
  • Equipped with swing function, four-wheel suspension design, and voltage meter point out the reading.
  • 60v motor that can last up to an hour, comfortable seat, and safety seat belt.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Classy design
  • Manual and remote control
  • Safe and easy to use


  • It needs a stronger motor
  • Not so good on rough terrain


If you are looking for a ride that is worth the price, this ride is for you. It comes with two modes to control the car; it can also last up to 60 minutes. With a comfortable seat and safety belt, you are sure that your child is safe and comfortable.

It also comes with a radio, Bluetooth, storage card, flash drive, etc., to let your child enjoy the ride.

Trust me; this is one of the best gifts you can give your child. You can get it here on Amazon for the best warranty.

Check price on Amazon


The cars above are amazing with greater and friendly features compared to other toys. More importantly, they are real because they are a replica of the real-world cars in small sizes.

Your child will find the Children’s mini cooper electric battery car a cool gift from you.

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