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Best Child Remote Control Car at Affordable Price

Best Child Remote Control Car

I know loving parents want the best child remote control car for their kids; this is a great thing as children are always happy to play with the best technology cars. I used to have some of these real toys when I was growing up from remote control boats to rough terrain trucks and even drones. In this article, you will learn before you buy about the best child remote control car.

Best Child Remote Control Car

One thing I find interesting about these toys is how difficult it can be to make your choice and the right selection.

So, I have decided to help you out in the selection process to give you a small opportunity to pick the best child remote control car.

The cars in this review are all tested for versatility, high responses, and durability and battery consumption. For obvious reasons, they are top quality brand toy cars with remote control for your child.


These cars also make good company for adults wanting a great hobby gadget. In the list, you will find out that the prices are reasonable, the qualities are excellent, and the feel is so great.

Be sure that you checked the useful guide at the bottom of this article regarding how to pick the best RC car.

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1. Cartoon Car Vehicle 2-Channel Remote Control Toy

When choosing a toy car for your child, you want to make sure it is durable.

A durable toy car means your child can pass it down to other kids, of you can give it out as a gift.

When talking of strength, this toy car is made from durable plastic material that can tolerate high impact drop.

The cartoon car vehicle 2-channel remote control toy is for kids from 1and a half years of age and above.


It is bright and colorful! The remote control police car is made with high-quality ABS plastic and recommended for kids 18 months and above.

The remote control is capable of maneuvering the toy car with ease. It can speed, move forward and reverse, and turn in left, right directions. 

It can play music and make real police siren sounds. The toy car has a removable cartoon action figure, which serves as a new toy for your child.


  • 2 channel: forward, reverse left 
  • Removable policeman action figure 
  • Realistic police siren sounds and flashing headlights 
  • Lightning-fast Cartoon R/C Police Car for children 
  • Headlamps turn on as the car accelerates at a fast speed


  • Perfect for young children
  • Fun, colorful, and attractive for toddlers
  • Realistic touch with its sirens and horns


  • The car cannot make many turns


This remote control police car makes a perfect gift for your child from 18 months and above. Kids, 5 years old, could use this car with their friends and have fun.

The toy car is especially appealing to kids because of its flashy built and marvellous honking sounds. Get one for your kid on Amazon.

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2. RC Series No.610 Acroshot (DT-03T chassis) 58 610

I used one of these, something similar when I was growing up, and it’s, definitely, one of my obsessions back in the days with my little friends in the neighborhood.

This guy is rugged and will, with the huge tire, go anywhere most of my young friends’ cars will never venture.


The electric run Acroshot is a brushed motor ESC car with a clear body and huge tires.

It uses oil-filled shocks that allow it to travel on the most challenging terrain.

The 17T pinion Gear gives it the needed push to go all the way to deliver that happy moment here it beats all other child cars to the game.

It requires 2-channel radio with high torque steering servo 7.2v battery stick pack for matching selected AA batteries to paint.


• Electric Powered Aqroshot On-Road Truck Kit by Tamiya
• Comes with Brushed Motor
• AA Batteries
• Tires, Clear Body, Wheels, 17T Pinion Gear, Oil-Filled Shocks
• Electric Powered Aqroshot On-Road Truck Kit


• It’s an all-terrain vehicle for peace of mind on the difficult ground
• Clear Body and huge tires
• Low 7.2 volt battery consumption
• 17T Pinion Gear
• Excellent for kids and adults


• Requires additional investment in the requirements to work properly


If you need a RC Car Series No.610 Acroshot (DT-03T chassis) 58 610 toy car with a remote control that guarantees peace of mind and you won’t have to change often, this is a must buy the car for your kid.

Kids always want to explore and reach the limit of their gadget, buying this guy for your child on Amazon will give you peace of mind.

Check price on Amazon

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3. Disney Tokyo Drift Dragon Lightning McQueen RC Vehicle RC


I have always been a racing enthusiast and will stand up for racing cars anytime I see one, hence the inclusion of the Drift Dragon McQueen Remote control car in this list of vehicles to consider for your child in 2019.

The best part is, it costs less than you think.

King of drifter

The Disney Cars Tokyo Drift Dragon Lightning McQueen RC car comes with the latest Remote Control Technology and some extra cool features that kids always want in their vehicles.

The finish is inviting for kids and shape is appealing too. This car is not called the king of drifter for nothing; it is because it is, as you will soon find out in the features!


• Lights up reverse direction and underneath
• Made for kids Ages 3+
• Latest RC technology enables it to ”drift” around corners and to do doughnut rings and more!
• Requires one 9V and 6 AA batteries, not included
• Remote control 6” L with an antenna that extends to 12” L
• Lightning McQueen 3 1/4” H x 10” L x 5 1/4” W.


• Latest RC technology
• Light indicators both under and in directions of movement
• Extendable antenna
• Superb drifter to form doughnut rings
• Uses AA Batteries


• Batteries not included


Kids love to see their toys perform stunts and Dragon McQueen does that to perfection. The remote control is responsive and versatile; your child will never find a dull moment once you unboxed this guy and ready to run.

Check it out Disney Cars Tokyo Drift Dragon Lightning McQueen RC on Amazon and buy with guarantee!

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4. Hosim Large Size 1:10 Scale High-Speed 46km/h 4WD 2.4 GHz Remote Control Truck 9125

I love reliable toy cars for kids.

My liking for durable kid cars is because of their curiosity to drive a toy to the limit.

And talking of reliable toy cars, Hosim is one that you would never regret buying.

It is a rugged, all-terrain truck, having speed and stunt performance as credits. This super-fast toy car is perfect for children who love action and ready to explore.


It’s a 1:10 Scale big size child remote control car with full proportional super-speed truck.

The big tires make hill-climbing, mountain and puddles crossing easier.

Hosim is supported by 7.4volts 1600mAh battery to deliver a maximum speed of 46km per hour.

The toy car is protected by all-metal sealed ball bearings to cope with harsh environments.

The battery life is about 10 minutes of playtime. The Hosim 9125 has a dual motor drive and 2.4 GHz 4CH transmission for immersive control within 80 meters frequency radius.


  • Dual motor drive, super-fast dynamic experience
  • 2.4GHz 4CH transmitter ensures immersive driving within about 80m
  • The circuit board adopts overheating protection function, safer for kids
  • Fully enclosed cover design, innovative push-type battery cover switch, the process of replacing the battery is simpler and easier
  • Power-efficient, 10 minutes’ running provided by the removable 1600mAh Li-ion battery ( built-in )
  • 46km/h high speed and excellent cornering guaranteed by 390 brushed motors, 19G high power version servo
  • The whole vehicle adopts bearing, metal shaft and driving cup


  • Double Motors, Strong Powerful
  • Fast Speed & Heavy Duty Wheels
  • 4-Wheel Drive RC Truck
  • Large Size and Metal Body
  • 2.4Ghz System & Superior Control Experience


  • No battery level indicator 
  • It is not dustproof


If you consider the rugged built and the price of Hosim, there is no reason to delay buying it. This toy car is every parent’s dream of the perfect gift for Christmas, and now you can have it. Buy this Remote Control Car on Amazon today and make your child happy.

Since this discussion is about child cars for your kid, it makes an excellent gift for your kid, and he would love it! You can check it out on Amazon and buy with guarantee!

Check price on Amazon

5. Force1 Cyclone Remote Control Car for Kids

Choosing the perfect Remote Control Toy Car for your child might sound easy, but it can be daunting in reality.

You will find so many RC cars with varied information that are often confusing.

It is indeed overwhelming to choose the right vehicle for your child.

The Force1 Cyclone Remote Control Car combines excellent engineering and best standard for a child car.

You will find this kid’s car quite irresistible in look and admire its technical excellence. Force 1 is small but durable and will serve quality time to make your child happy.


Force1 Cyclone is a master stunt toy car. It has a double-sided design to deliver stunts with quick flips. This car makes a great kid companion for on-road and off-road driving. It measures 11.6″ x 9.5″ x 3.75, has 2 Remote Control Batteries and 1 USB charging cable to recharge the batteries.


  • 360° Flip Remote Control Cars
  • 2-Sided Off-road RC Car Driving
  • 1-Key Cyclone Mode
  • Quality Assured


  • Capable of stunts
  • Durable build
  • Off-road capability


  • Parts replacement may be frequent
  • Niggling issues with batteries


Force1 Cyclone RC car makes a perfect Christmas gift for your child. Kids love and enjoy stunts, and both side functionality of the remote control car will impress him. Check it out on Amazon and excite him this holiday.

I recommend you buy this toy for your child on Amazon where you can fully enforce your right to the satisfaction policies.

Check price on Amazon

6. Traxxas 75054-5 LaTrax Rally: 1/18 Scale 4WD Electric Rally Racer, Multicolor

This is, clearly, a racing car for kids and adults alike.

If you are a supporter of the Rally racing sport, you want to give your child a head start with a gift that brings them closer to the real thing!

This Traxxas 75054-5 LaTrax RallyRC car is a sport for kids who love to race with their friends and be a champion in the neighborhood racing fiesta.


This Rally Remote Control car promises precision and performance in its compactly built size.

The model is affordable and assembled ready to race with everything shipped with it.

The RC vehicle has a dependable 2.4GHz radio transmitter that gives your child the use of the car remotely!

The part is 100% available and comes with a lifetime support warranty.

The 6-volts rechargeable battery spots NiMH battery pack with wall outlet battery charger and comes with 4 Traxxas AA alkaline cells.


• Soft-compound tires on genuine 12-spoke Rally wheels
• All-seasons electronics for year-round enjoyment
• Fully autonomous suspension for outstanding on-road handling and control with front and rear gear differentials
• All-wheel drive for superior grip and acceleration, powerful 370 motor
• 1/18 Latrax Rally body with cutting edge graphics
• Ready-To-Race with included 6V NiMH battery pack and wall outlet charger


• Built for hours of driving enjoyment
• Compact and unbelievably affordable
• made with a 2.4ghz radio system
• Latrax 6v rechargeable NiMH battery pack
• Unique look and thrilling performance of a real rally car


• Couldn’t find any drawback for this RC car


This Traxxas 75054-5 LaTrax Rally is such a versatile little Rally Remote Control car you should buy for your child. I like this car because of its design to ply all terrain without any issue.

Kids who love to explore will stretch the limit and find this car capable of doing almost anything! Check it out on Amazon and buy with confidence!

Check price on Amazon

7. Kid Galaxy Amphibious RC Car Morphibians Shark

The versatile Remote Control Car is a 4 x 4 powered drive toy car capable of plying the most rugged terrains.

It can go through water and drive confidently through areas most toy cars find impassible!
I am particularly interested in this toy car because it is durable and can withstand the most unfair treatment.

The remote control allows your child to send the toy car far away from his location. It uses its special antenna to deliver precise control messages to the vehicle.


It is a boat and a car with 4×4 drive wheels. Morphibian Shark, as the name goes, gives your child the ability to send the vehicle through water and normal road. This Amphibious car is dirt-friendly and can pass through the water like a boat.

When in sandy terrain, the toy car activates its 4×4 wheel drive instinct to dig through sand and move with ease. The 49 MHz frequency remote control signal is robust and allows the vehicle to respond to control from a far distance.


  • 4 x 4 wheel drive for all train 
  • Batteries Required: 3AA and 2 AAA 
  • Runs on a frequency of 49 MHz 
  • Deep groove tires ensure safe and quick ride through the water
  • Works on pavement, dirt, sand, and in water 


  • Can drive both on land and water
  • A submersible body makes this car fun in and out of the water
  • Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Seal Best Toy Award


  • Need 2 different types of battery to run
  • The battery is not rechargeable; needs frequent replacement to drive


Kid Galaxy Amphibious RC Car is well built to meet all use conditions. The waterproof components allow it to serve as a boat, while the 4×4 wheel drive makes it easy to run on the sand.

You will rarely come across such a versatile Remote Control Car for your child, and this makes the perfect gift for Christmas. Go to Amazon now to review and buy.

Check price on Amazon

8. FIGROL Transform Car Robot, Robot Deformation Car Model Toy for Children

The FIGROL transforming car is an intelligent, state-of-the-art model, made of durable and safe ABS plastic.

It features five sleek wheels that allow smooth 360° turns with utmost ease and convenience.

This advanced model will leave your child interested in its realistic engine sounds and Xenon headlights.

The use of the robot also promotes both physical and mental development in younger children.

Hand-eye coordination is ascertained with a toy that requires thinking alongside play. Moreover, owing to its design and composition, this car robot is not only innovative but also safe for children.


The FIGROL model features an automatic robot-car transformation. A mere push on the button on the remote control will change the robot to a car and vice versa. This exciting piece also combines several functions, including four-wheel suspension, a powerful motor and a flexible body.

The distinct design of the model also gives room for 360 speed drifting as well as functionality in different environments. Most importantly, it comes with rechargeable batteries, with which it is easier to play. 


  • 2. 4 GHz Strong Transmitter system
  • 1-hour charging time
  • Run time: 20-30 minutes
  • Distance Control: 15-20 meters
  • 360° turning flexibly


  • Strong and durable ABS material 
  • Safe for children
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination
  • Smooth movement on various surfaces
  • Easy to operate and maintain


  • It is quite a slow car, although its transformation is reasonably quick.


FIGROL will be your first-choice car if you need a durable model that is environmentally-friendly and safe for your children. Besides, when you charge for about an hour, your child has up to 30 minutes of constant play before recharging. Hence, this model serves you right both in function and operation.

Knowing that kids love attractive things, I think this FIGROL vehicle will make a great gift on your child’s birthday. Head over to Amazon and buy with confidence!

Check price on Amazon

9. Tamiya 58346 The Grasshopper RC

If you want a cool remote control toy car for your child, you should try The Grasshopper by Tamiya!

This product is among the top class masterpieces from Tamiya and one that can honestly give your kid lots of fun.

It’s a 2WD RWD car that runs off-road.


The vehicle has the 380 type motor, and the chassis is 540 type motor compatible which you can buy separately if you like.

Durable and safe for your kids use

This model is available in Europe, America, and South East Asia and several other places depending on your location. The Tamiya 58346 The Grasshopper RC Car unit requires 7.2 volts battery to power and 2-channel radio gear to control. You will find it durable and safe for your kids use.

• Construction type is by assembly kit
• Designed by the global leader in hobby products
• Manufactured using the highest quality materials and components
• Test for durability and safety
• Designed for off-road Terrain use
• 380 type motor with a separately sold 540 type motor compatible chassis



• Fun to build,
• High quality (vintage) RC kit,
• Pretty simple (fewer parts to break),
• Durable and easy to use
• Off-road drive train
• Tested for safety


• Not a big aftermarket for replacement parts
• Requires separate battery and charger


I have seen so many RC cars for kids, but this piece from Tamiya is cool stuff no kid should go without one of them. I am not a fan of just anything car; I choose toy vehicles that offer value for money and one that promises kids fantastic time.

I found all these criteria in this product, and I think you need to give it a try. Check Tamiya 58346 The Grasshopper RC Car out on Amazon now!

Check price on Amazon

10. Haktoys HAK101 Blue Invincible Tornado Acrobatic Stunt RC Car

The HAK101 invincible Tornado car is a super-packed model with several exciting features and functions.

Apart from its fantastic design, it performs 360° coiling, spiral spins and flips, super wheelies, amongst others.

It also encompasses colourful LED lights, adjustable music player, translucent wheels, USB connectivity and other features.

Children will get the best of tricks with this model, particularly with its flexibility and durability.

Essentially, this model requires a relatively shorter charging time (80-100 minutes) for long durations of play (12-16 minutes).


This model from Haktoys is a sturdy adventurer with its features put together for impressive stunts and versatile use. This remote-controlled toy car measures 7.75 x 6.25 x 6.35 inches with a 40-feet remote control distance.

It exercises forward-and-backward, left-and-right functions and all-round flexibility. This blue model comes with 1 Rechargeable 4.8V 500mAh Ni-Cd Battery for the car alongside one USB charger.

Although the controller requires two 1.5V ‘AA’ batteries, it is not included in the package. The remote control has an influence on the toy across a 49-MHz frequency range. Also, for safety and maintenance, the antenna is bendable.

Hence, using or storing the HAK101 RC car will be very basic for children of the ages 3 and above.


  • Flexible antenna
  • USB charging ports
  • Colourful LED lights
  • 49-MHz-range remote control
  • Music-play control


  • Unisex model design
  • Runs on both battery and rechargeable by USB
  • Relatively short charging time
  • Powerful motor
  • Impressive functionality


  • Such an acrobatic stunts car may be dangerous to children during rough play.


If you want more fun and excitement, the HAK101 Blue Invincible Acrobatic Stunt Car will not let you down. From its design to engine power and features, it is inarguable that this model is made for kid’s play. However, for some parents and children, the power of this toy may be rather dangerous for some extent of play.

Check out more reviews on Amazon and buy with confidence!

Check price on Amazon

Are RC cars for kids worth it? Yes, they are!

Improvement in technology is crashing costs and enhancing versatility. All the rc vehicles for kids on this are exceptional and will give you the real worth for your money.

What we look at before recommending the best child RC cars on remote control

Buying a car for kids should consider a few things before putting your money on it.

The following are among the list of considerations to pick the best RC car:

Performance. This will take into cognizance the Speed or Safety of the product before selecting it. Thus, performance is the most critical aspect of a vehicle for most enthusiasts.
Design. This consideration considers the Battery Life as precious for extended play time for the user. You also have to remember that charging these batteries don’t come easy and you better have one with longer play time.
Remote Features. The features of the remote should be Kid Friendly Controls or Expert Precision to give your kids ease of interaction with the vehicle.
Upgrade or modification. This consideration is essential to save you cost on buying new RC car when you can just upgrade the current one, and you are as good as new.


Getting the best Remote Control Vehicle for your child takes grit and determination to go through a long list of possibilities. This review aims at narrowing down your long list to as few as ten to make a smarter choice.

Endeavor to comment below if you have questions or concerns and I promise to look into it. If you find this discussion helpful, I will be grateful if you can share it with your friends and family to help them as well.

Until the next article, please accept my assurances of more quality reviews on gadgets that will improve your child’s quality of life.

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